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“If you can click a mouse you can earn every 20 minutes (72 times a day, 24/7) with our reliable top tier advertising and marketing system.”

You may think this is far fetched but we can ASSURE you it isn’t. TAP is by far the EASIEST way to generate income online and/or advertise your business.

The idea behind TAP is powerful and the first of its kind. And now YOU can share in the billion dollar online advertising industry. How awesome is that?

The CEO of TAP, Michael Deese, designed the system for its members. In other words, pay members first. TAP is similar to Google and other online advertising companies with one MAJOR difference.

Unlike Google which is a public traded company and does not share its BILLIONS ($11 billion alone in profit in 2015) with its members, TAP does! That’s a FACT (do some due diligence)! TAP shares it’s profits with their members (also known as affiliates) first. Just read the testimonial below.

Here is one of MANY testimonials for TAP:

“This is a wonderful business with easy way to success. I use this possibility since March 2014, and now at 620 Credit Packs and within some months will reach the top. Start with 25 CPs or more and talk to your friends for referral. You will be lucky.”

~ TAP member Poweruli in Germany

Read more testimonials by clicking here.

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Turn your 12 clicks or shares a day into financial freedom and working from home. We’ll show you how, step-by-step. It does require work but 6 months or a year from now you’ll be GLAD YOU STARTED.

The BEST part is you can get started for FREE. Click here to get started today. You can thank us later :-).

Get the definitive guide to online advertising and making money online. All with NO SELLING, NO RECRUITING and NO SPONSORING ever required to earn. Best of all, there’s NO CHARGE.

Get the guide. Start earning today!

After you get started we’ll walk you through a marketing and promotional plan that will start you on your journey to financial freedom. Remember, this is a journey and not a “get-rich-quick” scheme.  No hype, just the truth passed onto you about how to turn clicking on 10 ads per day can earn you a solid income.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Sign Up – You are seconds away from earning EVERY 20 minutes.
  2. View Ads – Click on or share 12 ads per day to become eligible for up to 72 payouts.
  3. Get Paid – Access your money NOW. Funds transferred directly into YOUR account balance. Watch LIVE as your account balance grows.

Here are some facts about TAP:

  • The current average daily earnings per credit (advertising) pack is approximately between €0.36 and €0.40. This may not seem like a lot but keep reading. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Each credit pack costs €24.99 and earns you €27.50 when it completes. That’s a 10% return. Wow, we’ll take that every day of the week and twice on Monday. 🙂
  • EVERY member in TAP earns money.
  • You can earn more by referring others to the program BUT it’s not required for earning.

So how much would you like to earn per day? Pick a number. How about €20 per day. How many credit packs would you need?

The answer is 50 (50 x €0.40) = €20. And this is just with profit sharing and does not include anything earned with referral of others (which is optional) but when you’ve discovered something awesome you’ll want to share it with other people.

You may be thinking “I don’t have €1,250 to put into the program”. Ok, so start at 10 credit packs (€249.90) or 5 (€124.95) or even 1 (€24.99). The beauty of TAP is you NEVER have to put more out-of-pocket money into it again. It’s your choice (after the initial purchase) whether to or not. More on this later. (You’ll love this feature we show you how to take advantage of.)

The idea is to get started and have your money working FOR you and earning over time. Remember, plant the seeds of wealth and OVER A PERIOD OF TIME that seed will blossom into a magnificently beautiful thing with DAILY ACTION.


The maximum credit packs you can own in TAP is 1,500. Now imagine 1,500 credit packs working for you and earning €0.40 per pack per day. That equates to €600 per day. There are already members doing just that.

And how long will that take? Does it really matter if it takes six months, a year or two or even five? That idea is to plant that seed and reap what is sown.

We’ll also show you in our training how you can use the money EARNED on TAP to buy your credit packs in the future. This way you NEVER have any out-of-pocket money again (after your initial purchase). That’s what is called intelligent WEALTH CREATION.

Won’t you get started today? Click here to PLANT THE SEED and start on YOUR journey.

If you’re ready to get started immediately, go to our Fast Start Guide and we’ll direct you step-by-step.

Would you rather talk to us one-on-one? Or maybe you’d like to join a free webinar and find out how we’re making €200 – €400 per day. Remember, there is NEVER any selling or recruiting required to earn.

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