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Do you have a difficult time recruiting people into The Advert Platform?

Even though it’s not required in order for you to earn money with TAP, you realize how beneficial it would be to get people on your team.

Now you can have that done for you almost automatically! How you may ask?

You, of course, realize there is A LOT of commission to be made by getting more people signed up for TAP.

With people on your team striving to get to 1,500 credit packs (CPs), the more they buy the more you earn. Then, of course, the more you earn, the more you can buy and get to/maintain 1,500 CPs.

Remember, at 1,500 CPs you’re making €600 PER DAY in profit sharing alone (based on current figures as of February 2017).

But it’s also advantageous and beneficial to signup team members. And NOW YOU CAN MORE EASILY.

Welcome to Get More TAP Signups, your home for recruiting more TAPPERS, earning more money and living the lifestyle you desire/deserve.

You see, to get more signups wouldn’t it be helpful to be viewed as an EXPERT? Of course it would and there’s no better way than with an eCourse, teaching people all about the benefits of belonging to The Advert Platform.


But what a hassle it would be to write an entire course on that subject, spending LONG HOURS and sleepless nights coming up with the material.

But, alas, the answer to that dilemma is right here in your hands. Get More TAP signups will release their award winning COPYRIGHTED eCourse to you.

You’ll then be armed with a POWERFUL recruiting tool, viewed as an expert and be signing up people left and right onto your TAP team.

Wow, think of all the team members you’ll be signing up and the commission you’ll be earning!

Residual income working for you

The platform you’ll be utilizing to teach your course is Coursmos, a leading education portal assisting you in the creation of your own stunning online learning portal. And the best part is, Coursmos is free to use and teach on. You can even write a blog related to your course or have webinars at no charge.

There is no better recruiting tool (and no better way to be viewed as an expert in your field) than to have a PROFESSIONAL eCourse. That is, unless you plan on writing a book and becoming a NY Times bestseller.

What exactly do you get with Get More TAP Signups?

  • Full copyright release for a six (6) chapter, 20+ pages, fully customizable eCourse
  • A full one page detailed description of the course, viewable to potential students.
  • The right to issue a certificate to the students who finish 100% of your course. The student will then be a “Certified Online Advertising Specialist“. certificate
  • You can either offer the course for no charge (to build your TAP team, knowing you’ll make commission in the future as they buy CPs) or you can charge a fee. That decision is YOURS.
  • Full support from the author and six figure earner David Allery for one year (at no charge).
  • Ability to use the eCourse on the TAP Traffic Exchange and get even more signups (especially when TAPPERS retweet your offer on Twitter).
  • All images and quotes written in the eCourse. Each chapter starts with an inspirational quote such as “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” (Warren Buffett)
  • You’ll be teaching on Coursmos, viewed as an EXPERT and have the ability to write a blog related to your TAP business and host webinars.

Want to see an excerpt from the eCourse? Click here now (Brings up a new window. Make sure to return to this page).

And as a SPECIAL BONUS, if you sign up and buy today, you’ll be given the rights to use the main “Online Advertising Simplified” eCourse image (as seen below).

YOU will be the author!

The only thing you’ll need to change, of course, is the author’s name. You will be given the name of the creator of the image used on Fiverr so you can have the exact (or similar image) created for your use. He only charges $5 to create the image.

Act today and NOW and get this special bonus. You’ll be up and running with your new eCourse very shortly, getting people signed up in TAP. Then you’ll be on your way to 1,500 CPs in record time.

All of this for a ONE TIME fee of only $30
(payable through Paypal)