Fast Start



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Are you ready to start earning PROFIT SHARING today? Then here are the easy steps to follow. You will be earning money shortly!

  1. Purchase one or more Credit Packs from The Advert Platform (TAP). Each credit pack is €24.99 and will continually earn until they reach €27.50. (That’s a 10% return on your money. Better than any bank for sure.)
  2. Click on and/or share 12 advertisements in the TAP Traffic Exchange. This takes about ten (10) minutes.
  3. Repeat daily and earn. Spend ten (10) minutes a day surfing or sharing 12 ads to continue earning your profit sharing.

Contact us and we will send you the Fast Start, step-by-step training guide for TAP so you can get started earning today! Free for members of our team.

Start turning €24.99 into €27.50 over and over and create wealth (this is the KEY to success, along with GETTING STARTED).

We will show how to use the money you EARN on TAP daily to buy additional credit packs. This means no additional out-of-pocket money on your part in the future. Now that’s what is called intelligent WEALTH CREATION.

WARNING – making money with TAP is HIGHLY ADDICTING!