Doing your due diligence on any company you want to be involved with is the smart way to proceed. But who do you ask? Good question. The best people to ask are those already involved. So let’s see if we can answer some commonly asked questions. 🙂

What is The Advert Platform (TAP)?

TAP is a profit sharing online advertising platform that shares its profits with members. TAP is similar to Google and Yahoo as far as being involved in the online advertising industry (currently more than a $1 BILLION PER DAY industry), with one MAJOR difference. It shares its revenue with their member base every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Can I know more about the company, The Advert Platform?

Of course! Go to TAP and read as much as you like. Read all about its founder Michael Deese, a retired Air Force veteran, and the thousands of testimonials from members extremely happy to be sharing profits and making money daily.

How does it work?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Sign up for free and purchase one or more credit packs, so you can earn profit sharing.
  2. View or share 12 ads per day. This takes about ten (10) minutes.
  3. Get paid! Every 20 minutes, 72 times per day, 24/7/365.

What is a Credit Pack (CP)?

A Credit Pack (CP) is the core product of The Advert Platform. A CP, when it’s purchased, gives you two things.

  1. Earning power on TAP. For every CP bought for €24.99 you receive €27.50 when it completes. Wow, a 10% increase. No bank will give you that!
  2. Advertising power on TAP. Promote other products and/or services in the TAP Traffic Exchange to its more than 300,000 members (as of December ’16 and GROWING FAST). This gives you ANOTHER revenue stream. So now you’re earning more!

Remember, the more credit packs (CPs) you have the more you earn (up to the max of 1,500 CPs). We will show you in our training how to purchase CPs with money you EARN, not out of your pocket.

Who would benefit from using this platform?

Quite simply, anyone who desires to earn income. You can do this part time, full time or make it life changing.

Part time – ten (10) minutes a day

Full time – an hour a day or as much as you deem necessary

Life changing – Get to 1,500 credit packs (and there are members already at that) and the income earned from profit sharing alone would put you into six figures a year. 🙂

And really, does it matter how long it takes to reach 1,500 CPs? We think not because you’re earning money as you go and can withdraw it any time to pay bills, go on vacation or use it however you like.

What can I realistically earn with TAP?

Of course, no promises can be made and individual results will vary. The opportunity is unlimited and depends on commitment level of the individual as well as, to a small degree, sales skills of said person.

Remember selling, recruiting and sponsoring are optional and not required to earn with TAP. You can earn significantly more and are rewarded accordingly by introducing others to the phenomenal opportunity TAP represents.

But let’s use some current figures (as of December ’16) to calculate earnings. Currently each CP earns approximately €0.40 per day. Using that, here are some calculations:

  • If you own 100 CPs then you’d be earning €40 per day.
  • If you own 300 CPs then you’d be earning €120 per day.
  • If you own 600 CPs then you’d be earning €240 per day.
  • If you own 1,000 CPs then you’d be earning €400 per day.
  • If you own the maximum CPs of 1,500 then you’d be earning €600.

These figures are estimates and NOT a reflection of your potential earnings. You could earn less or significantly more. It’s partially a matter of how much you DESIRE success.

The figures above also represent earnings based on PROFIT SHARING only and do not include income from commissions earned (IF you introduce others which is purely optional) and other earnings from sales through the TAP Traffic Exchange. These could significantly increase your income.

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