Residual Income. Which Side Are You On?


The Value Of Residual Income

If you want to build wealth for any reason, including retirement, then residual income is truly the best option available.

But how do you build it? That’s a good question.

But, first of all, what exactly is residual income? And why is it such a powerful concept when it comes to building wealth?

The idea of residual lies in the idea of doing something one time, as in a sale, and getting paid over and over. It is, without a doubt, a powerful tool to anyone’s financial strategy.

If you have it then you understand why it’s so important. If you haven’t quite reached the place of establishing residual income then read on or go to

The image attached describes if you reach a certain level of residual then it would be equivalent to having how much in your bank account.

The real question is, how do you build residual income?

You could go out and get a job selling insurance, if that’s your style. Or you could sell supplements or any health product that offers a comp plan that builds residual.

The only problem with those examples is that it assumes your customer will never abandon you and your product for another salesman or the next best lotion or potion.

On the other side, albeit similar to the above but with a twist, is the idea of building residual income relying less on your customer. This is the IDEAL situation.

One of the ways to build that type is through the powerful concept of profit sharing. This builds residual and puts the responsibility where it should be, with YOU and your individual efforts.

Profit sharing companies are ideal, if you can find a reputable one. We have, indeed, found THE company in The Advert Platform (TAP).

TAP is changing the face of online advertising. How? By paying it’s members through company profit sharing. Now YOU can participate in the BILLION dollar online advertising industry and PROFIT from it.

TAP is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, a GAME CHANGER. Discover for yourself why 100% of members make money with The Advert Platform. You won’t be able to sleep because it’s ADDICTING.

members make money

If you can click on and/or share 12 adverts per day then you can build a long term income with TAP. It’s ideal for just about anyone.

In addition, you can advertise any product or service you wish and have it advertised on Facebook by over 300,000 affiliates on the TAP platform. This would start generating the first type of residual discussed above.

So, the end result is, you have the best of BOTH TYPES of residual with TAP. That’s called having your cake and eating it too. 🙂

For more information and to start or continue your journey of building residual income, go to

To Your Success,
Independent Business Owner

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