Success With MLGS


What is MLGS?

My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) is an
online marketing email system.
A complete system that provides you
with everything you need to be
successful with email marketing.

What’s included with this “complete system”?

  • The leads and even “bonus leads”
  • A mailing system
  • Pre-written emails
  • A sales funnel
  • Complete stats on your business
  • Much more

It’s basically an email marketing “business in a box”.

How MLGS can help you

Since MLGS is a “business in a box”
and supplies you with everything
needed to be successful with
email marketing, you don’t
need anything else.

In the past email marketing has been,
to say the least, difficult.
That’s because you were never given
everything when you signed up
for email marketing. UNTIL NOW.

Companies like Aweber, Get Response
and others provide fantastic email
marketing autoresponders. You can
create fantastic looking emails
with those systems.

But the problem is
“who do you send those fantastic emails to”?

(*** cricket sounds ***)

That’s right. You have to have email
addresses of people who have
opted-in to receive your offer(s).

And the cost per lead for these provided
emails is nothing short of phenomenal.

Let’s talk specifically about the leads provided.

You receive, at a minimum, 100 leads per day.
(I will explain what is meant by “at a minimum”
shortly. This is where it’s gets REALLY GOOD).

So for $30 per month, you receive everything
listed above under “complete system” including
100 leads per day. That’s 3,000 leads PER MONTH
or 36,000 leads PER YEAR.

So the cost per lead is $0.01
(3,000 leads divided by $30 per month).

You will NOT find that anywhere else.

Facebook advertising, Google Adwords…
You’ll spend THOUSANDS
to get the same amount of leads.

You will not find a better lead generation
source for the money on the internet

Now, where do these leads come from?
An excellent question!

The provided MLGS leads are people
who have responded to online
“business opportunity” advertising.
In other words, they’re interested in
methods of earning money online.

Now it’s YOUR JOB to provide them
what they’ve asked for.
In fact, you’re doing them a
disservice if you don’t.

BUT it gets even better! How?

By referring ONE paying member to MLGS.
Just ONE! (Which took me all of 3 days)

What do you receive for that one member?
That’s 6,000 PER MONTH or
72,000 PER YEAR.

Do you realize what kind of money
you can make by sending offers
to 72,000 people?

So when I say it’s a complete
“business in a box” system,
that’s what is meant.

are just a few synonyms that come to mind.

But you’re probably wondering,
“what’s the catch”?
You might be saying,
“I have to write the emails”.

Normally, with email marketing you do.
BUT with MLGS, you’re provided with
pre-written, high converting emails
to send to your leads.

WHOA! So again,
“complete business in a box” comes to mind.

“But those emails are probably geared toward
selling the MLGS system” is something
you might be thinking. The answer is yes.

But they even have that covered because
MLGS has an affiliate program you can join
(for free) and get paid commission for
every person who signs up.

So that’s basically “how MLGS can help you”
once you sign up.